Friday, 30 November 2007

Weight Loss Mistake #6: People Don't Set Goals

Accomplishing a feat is always made easier if you set goals and losing weight is no exception to this rule. In fact, if you don't set goals while you are trying to lose weight you are only making things harder on yourself. By setting goals you will get to where you are going much more quickly.

The best thing about setting goals is that you have something to work towards. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds and want to lose weight you should set a target goal. Your goal should not be to simply "lose weight," it should be something similar to losing 30 pounds over the next 10 months. This way you will be able to strive towards your goal, and plan on what you have to do to be successful.

In addition to setting an end goal like the one that is detailed above, you should also set smaller goals that you can try to reach along the way. This may not seem important, but it will help to keep you motivated throughout the entire process.

Playing off of the same example from above, you will want to set smaller goals throughout the 10 months that you have set forward to lose weight. You can do this by breaking up each month separately. So if you want to lose 30 pounds in ten months, you should set a goal of losing three pounds a month. Doesn't that
seem much more attainable?

On top of setting goals, you should also make a reward program up so that you have something to work towards. You can have a smaller reward for each monthly goal that you meet, and then have a large reward at the end of the road. By doing this you
will be able to work through the tough times because you know that there is going to be something in it for you at the end.

This reward will be on top of the ultimate reward of actually losing the weight. Many people leave this step out, but it can definitely be help for those times that you don't think that losing weight is worth it any longer.

Setting goals are a very important part of life. Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish, if you set goals you will have a better chance of staying on track along the sometimes lengthy road to success.

If you want to lose weight you need to set goals. Of course it is not an absolute necessity, but if you do not have goals how do you know when you have reached your target weight?

Overall, setting goals will put you on the right track to realizing your potential and being a success!

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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Weight Loss Mistake #5: I Don't Need To Diet

One of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight is that they do not diet. Even though it is possible to lose a few pounds by simply exercising, you will not be able to get the results that you want unless you combine it with a good diet.

If you overeat every day of the week, there is no chance that exercise is going to be able to overcome this. Even if you are on a very strict regimen that burns hundreds of calories, you will not be able to combat the calories that you are putting on by eating extra food. At best, you may be able to cancel out the extra calories that you are eating.

Many people do not want to diet because they are under the impression that you cannot eat anything that tastes good. Dieting often times gets confused with starving yourself and eating rice cakes morning, noon, and night. This may have been
the case 20 years ago, but there are a lot of diets that are available today that can help you lose weight in no time at all.

The key to finding a diet that you can work with is researching all of them. By looking into every diet that is available you will be able to come up with one that will allow you to eat food that you like, but still keep your caloric intake to a minimum. There are special diets that will accommodate your needs if you like to eat fruit or if you like to eat meat. You just have to find out which diet you can live with, and then work within the guidelines in order to lose weight.

Dieting does not have to be a painful task that hinders your lifestyle. Many people would rather work out because there is not much to it. All you have to do is show up at the gym and work hard for a couple of hours to burn off calories. You do
not have to miss out on anything that you like to do.

But dieting gets a bad rap because people think that they are going to have to give up their favorite food. Sure, you may have to cut back on the gallon of ice cream that you eat every other day, but this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a couple
scoops once or twice a week. Dieting can be done in moderation; there is no reason to turn it into an extreme sport!

If you couple a diet that you like with the proper amount of exercise, you should have no problems losing weight. Just remember to make dieting and exercise work together.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Weight Loss Mistake #4: People Give Up Too Soon

Many people who are trying to lose weight give up after the first week. The reason that they do this is because they feel that they did not see enough results for all of the work that they put in. It is important to remember that you are not going
to see instant results, but after a couple of months working towards your goals you will realize that you are indeed starting to lose weight.

The way that most people try to lose weight is as follows. For the first two weeks they give everything they have to losing weight. This includes eating less and going to the gym more. They think that if they go strong for two weeks that by the time it is up they will be able to see big results. But after two weeks these people jump on the scale just to find out that they only lost a pound or two.

They then take off their shirt and realize that there is no sick pack and that their arms are as flabby as they were before they started. And at this point the same thing always happens. These people end up talking themselves into the fact that
nothing will ever work for them. Some people are a little bit more resilient and change diets or exercise programs. This can be easily avoidable if you know what you are doing.

The first thing that you need to do is get in the right mind set. If you tell yourself from the start that you are not going to lose weight quickly, then you will be more apt to give yourself a longer amount of time to see results. In other
words, if you don't expect instant results, you will not be disappointed when you do not get them. Along the same lines, do not set short term goals that are completely impossible to reach.

Many people set goals such as losing five to ten pounds a week. They do not realize how difficult that can be, not to mention unhealthy. Instead, set goals that are attainable such as losing five or ten pounds over the course of a few months. This
will allow you to feel good about yourself and gain some self confidence when you finally reach what you have been striving for. Being in the right mind set may not seem important, but it can go a long way in helping you stay on track.

If you come to the conclusion early on that you are going to have to put in some time to reach your goals, you will have a much better chance of being successful. If you don't give up early on, you will get what you want in the end.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Weight Loss Mistake #3: People Go At It Alone

If you have tried losing weight in the past, but ended up getting nowhere there is a solution to this problem; you can seek out help from a number of different places so that you do not feel alone. Listed below are three people that you can talk to, and places to go, that will help you lose weight.

1. If you are overweight and do not know how to get help why not seek out professional advice? Many people think that going to a dietitian is a waste of money, and that they will just be embarrassed. This cannot be any further from the truth. By speaking with a dietitian you will be able to get on the fast track to losing weight. Your dietitian will be able to set you up with a weight loss program that will work for you. They are trained in working with people who are overweight, and have seen every situation imaginable. After your first visit to a dietitian you will be surprised at how much better you feel about your current situation.

2. Seek out the advice of a personal trainer if you want to lose weight. Even though you can probably figure out how to exercise on your own, a personal trainer will work with you to get to your target weight. You will be able to set goals with the help of your trainer, and then work together to reach them. By interviewing a couple of different personal trainers you will be able to choose the one that will be able to best suit your needs. Don't make the same mistake as a lot of other people; call a personal trainer today.

3. By finding somebody else that is also trying to lose weight you will have a shoulder to lean on during the whole process. Losing weight is always easier if you take on the task with the help of somebody else. If you do not know of a close friend that is trying to lose weight there are other places that you can seek out companionship. The first place that you will want to look is online. There are hundreds of online communities that are devoted to people that are trying to lose weight. By visiting these communities you will be able to find other people that are suffering from the same problem. This way you can bounce ideas off of the other members, and also ask questions as they come up.

Overall, by finding somebody else to go through the weight loss experience with you will have a much easier time. Most things in life can be made easier with help, and losing weight is no exception to the rule!

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Monday, 26 November 2007

Weight Loss Mistake #2: People Don't Exercise

There are many different ways to lose weight. But if you want to speed up the process a bit, and ensure that you are successful, you will want to start exercising on a regular basis.

Many people that want to lose weight feel that all they have to do is eat less. Of course this is going to help, but it is not going to get you the results that you want in a short amount of time. If you really want to lose weight, you need to couple your diet with a strict exercise regimen. This will ensure that your body is staying healthy, and at the same time you will be able to burn off a lot of extra calories that may be hindering your progress.

Starting an exercise program is a piece of cake. Many people think that exercising has to be difficult. But actually, the word exercise does not mean that you have to go to the gym and lift weights seven days a week. All you need to do is find a
few exercises that you are comfortable with and perform them on a consistent basis.

One of the best exercises that you can do to help lose weight is walk or run. This may seem simple enough, but it has been proven to be very effective. This does not even entail having to spend any money at the gym. The only thing that you need to do to get started is set a course; something that is easily done. Anybody can find a course to run by simply stepping out their front door. There is no better place to run or walk than around your neighborhood. It is close to home, and it will not cost you a dime.

If you are not interested in running or walking there are other options that are available to you. Many people who are overweight join the gym as a way to get on the right track. This can be particularly useful because you will have access to
every piece of equipment that you will ever need. If you like to lift free weights you can go that route, but at the same time you can work out on machines. Joining a gym will give you the flexibility that you need in order to get started. You will
also be able to diversify your workout so that you don't get tired of doing the same thing day in and day out. Diversifying your workout will help to keep you motivated.

An exercise program is something that you can easily incorporate without much trouble at all. By exercising more often you will be able to lose weight faster than you ever thought possible.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Mistake #1: People Don't Research

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they decide to lose weight is not doing research. Even though it may seem like there is not much involved when it comes to losing weight, there are more details than you will probably ever know. By doing the proper amount of research into your situation, you will ensure yourself of coming up with the best results possible.

You will want to research your own current situation, which includes many different factors. First off, you will want to weigh yourself in order to determine how much weight you want to lose. Think about it; if you don't know how much weight you
want to lose, how are you ever going to reach your goals?

After you find out how much you weigh, you will want to look into why you are overweight. Do you eat too much? Do you find yourself eating junk food at all times of the day? Did you stop working out on a regular basis? By finding out why you are overweight you will be able to determine how to best combat your problem.

After you are done looking at your own situation, you need to look externally to find ways to better lose weight. This can be the most difficult part of the whole process. There are tons of different weight loss solutions that are available. It is your job to find out which one will work best for you. If you think that you can lose the weight by going on a strict exercise regimen all you will need to do is join a gym. But if you feel that you need more help than that, you may want to try out one of the many diets that are available.

By researching the diets that you can try, you will find out which one you will be able to best follow. Many people think that dieting consists of eating fewer calories. This is definitely true, but there are more ways than one to accomplish
this. If you research each diet, and write down the advantages and disadvantages, you will give yourself the best chance of losing weight in the long run.

Researching your current situation may not be the most fun part of losing weight. But many people that skip this step find out that they are getting nowhere, and then have to start over at the beginning.

By putting in the appropriate hours of research you will ensure yourself of getting off on the right foot. Don't fall prey to one of this common mistake that people make when they are trying to lose weight. This mistake is easily avoidable, and it will save you a lot of time and aggravation in the long run!

That's it... stay tuned for mistake #2: People Don't ________

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Thursday, 15 November 2007

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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Weight Loss By Hypnosis Can Be The Answer

Weight loss by hypnosis can be the answer to many people's prayers, if done correctly. For those who have struggled with weight loss, jumping from one diet to the next, hypnosis may hold the key that will finally enable them to change their life. There are many misconceptions about hypnosis. This article will explain what hypnosis is and what it isn't and how it can help with weight loss.

Hypnosis is not being put under another person's control. This myth has been made popular by stage shows. You will not cluck like a chicken or crawl around on your hands and knees when hypnotized. In reality, hypnosis is simply a natural state in which the subconscious mind can come forward and be modified to make a change in a person's habits.

Overeating, smoking and other addictions are habits that have gone beyond conscious control. Therefore, tapping into the subconscious will help you gain control of these bad habits and stop them once and for all.

An induction is defined as the act of bringing someone into a hypnotic state. This is usually done by imagery. It can be self-induced or done by a qualified hypnotherapist. You imagine yourself in a peaceful, safe place to help you become totally relaxed. You are then guided into a specific problem area.

A person that is overweight became that way because of unhealthy eating habits. These habits are very difficult to change on your own. Hypnosis can help you break these habits by decreasing your cravings for the unhealthy foods and helping you focus on making the right decisions.

It is important to understand that hypnosis is not like a "magic pill" that will suddenly make the pounds start dropping off. It is a tool to aid you in making a lifestyle change.

The great thing about hypnosis is that it is non-invasive. It is not a one size fits all solution. Since everyone is different, hypnosis sessions can be adapted to fit the individual.

Weight loss by hypnosis often succeeds when all other traditional treatments have failed. It will get to the core of why the person is overweight and help them change their beliefs that make them overindulge.

But be aware that hypnosis is not recommended for people who have post-traumatic stress syndrome, epilepsy or any other personality disorders. It will also require work. Hypnosis can change the way you think about food, but it's up to you to implement these changes through a healthy diet and exercise.

So if you have tried everything and nothing has worked, you may want to try weight loss by hypnosis. You have nothing to lose but a lot of extra weight!

By: Terry Edwards
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Thursday, 8 November 2007

4 Tips to Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday party season is fast approaching and I know for many women, this time brings a sense of stress and worry. With events popping up nearly every week, it’s hard not to overindulge and put on a few pounds.

But, take heart. There are simple things you can do to help prevent holiday weight gain, and maybe even take off a few pounds.

1. Be aware of “false fat.” False fat is a term I use to describe the accumulation of excess fluids, which we experience as bloating and swelling. Most often, it comes from allergic reactions to certain foods.

When the body detects an allergen, it releases histamines and other chemicals to the affected areas, which swell up in response. As we age, our production of digestive enzymes diminishes, creating a greater chance of developing allergic reactions to foods. The two most common food allergens are wheat and dairy.

Wheat contains a protein called gluten, which is difficult for the body to break down, absorb, and assimilate. Women with wheat intolerance are prone to fatigue, depression, bloating, intestinal gas, and bowel changes. I recommend eating breads, crackers, and cookies made with alternative grains such as rice, millet, amaranth, quinoa, or soy and oat flours.

Dairy products are a primary source of food allergies. Instead, choose dairy substitutes such as soy, rice, nut, and multiple grain milks, cheeses, and sour cream.

No holiday would be complete without festive cakes, cookies and pies. They're the pièce de résistance of every meal, and always on hand for visitors.

With a little substituting here and there, you can create wheat-free, dairy-free festive baked goods that are so good for you, you can eat them to your heart's content. And unless you tell them, your guests will never know that the treats they're eating are as healthy as they are delicious! Click here for some of my delicious recipes.

2. Get extra support with an appetite suppressant: I’m not talking about those over-the-counter appetite suppressants that are loaded with chemicals. One such product is PGX®, a unique blend of three naturally occurring water-soluble fibers: Konjac-mannan (also known as glucomannan), sodium alginate, and xanthan gum.

Studies performed by the University of Toronto and the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine suggest that 5 grams of PGX daily helps to promote satiety (the feeling of fullness), reduce cravings, and support normal blood sugar levels.

3. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Regular aerobic exercise is a potent defense against stress and cravings and there are a plethora of options to choose from. My favorite is walking, but I also recommend bike riding, swimming, yoga, Pilates, and T’ai Chi.

Consider joining a gym or daily exercise program, or working out with a friend. Having a workout buddy to hold you accountable every day can really provide the motivation you need to stick with it and keep the holiday pounds off.

If you join a gym, explore the various aerobics and weight-training classes available, and find a few that are not only fun, but that really make you sweat!

4. Become more aware of your emotions. For many women, overeating and weight gain starts in the brain. And many of the chemicals that play a role in the regulation of appetite and metabolism also play a role in mood swings.

Anxiety and stress over the holidays, or the occasional blues, are all triggers for overeating—whether because of chemical imbalance or as a way of coping. It becomes an endless cycle. When anxious or feeling blue, many people turn to food, which leads to weight gain. Extra weight, in turn, adds to feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and social alienation.

I encourage you to learn to recognize what emotions make you eat and when you want particular foods. Then try to regulate your mood so that it doesn’t sabotage your weight loss goals. Try yoga, visualizations, or meditation if you need a way to calm down or to help improve your mood at any given moment. These relaxation methods can often help you in more ways than one.

The holiday season is a time for traditions, family, and friends. I hope these simple tips can help you enjoy the beauty of the season without worrying about your weight. You can find even more information on healthy ways to eat and weight loss techniques at my web site, I hope you’ll visit me there.

To Your Health,
Susan M. Lark, MD

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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Three Weight Loss Tips

Q: How does protein help someone lose fat-tissue instead of lean tissue?

A: By eating enough protein to maintain your lean tissue while losing fat, you keep your metabolism revved up. Every pound of lean tissue burns 14 calories per day compared to only about three calories burned for each pound of fat per day. So keeping the lean and losing-the-fat helps you burn more calories at rest. This is also called the resting metabolic rate or metabolism for short.

Q: How does metabolism influence weight gain/loss?

A: Whenever you eat more calories than you burn through exercise and through your metabolism at rest, you will store the extra as fat. So having a higher metabolism can help you maintain your weight by balancing calories in and calories out. Exercises that strengthen your muscles improve your ability to burn calories at rest.

Q: What are the benefits of plant-based protein, or soy?

A: Soy protein naturally has a different composition than animal proteins that makes it healthier for your blood vessels, bones and kidneys than animal protein. Soy protein also has isoflavones, which together with soy protein as found in Formula 1, has an FDA-approved heart-health claim. That is why you see a heart on the label.

Source: David Heber, M.D., P.h.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.N., Chairman of the Herbalife Medical and Scientific Advisory Boards